Relaxation and Affirmations for Pregnancy


rachel yellin


Since 2005, Rachel has helped over a thousand women and their partners bring their babies into the world with confidence and awareness. She has attended births as a professional doula, and has taught a variety of types of yoga including Iyengar, restorative, and pre- and postnatal. Her private practice in counseling, hypnotherapy and depth hypnosis is thriving in San Francisco, Marin, and over the phone. Her passion is supporting people in being who they were actually born to be and ultimately finding happiness and engagement with life.


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    It’s time to stop dancing….

    It’s time we got the facts about cutting the foreskin off of baby boys. For a long time, I’ve danced around the topic, suggesting that circumcision is not in a baby’s best interest. Well, this video is the proof.

    If you are considering circumcision, know someone who might be considering it or are trying to […]

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    To Kegel or Not to Kegel…

    I’d love to address the confusion and concern about the safety and efficacy of “kegels” and pelvic floor exercise during pregnancy, so I am sharing the post below from Miracle Physical Therapy to explain how they practice and what the evidence says in terms of how to handle the pelvic floor in pregnancy (and […]

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    An Overview of Birth Physiology

    Michael Odent, MD, founded the Primal Health Research Centre in London and developed the maternity unit in Pithiviers, France, where birthing pools are used. He is the author of ten books published in twenty languages. Two of them—Birth Reborn and The Nature of Birth and Breastfeeding—were published originally in the United States.


    You can read […]


Rachel’s class not only prepared me for childbirth, it got me balanced and centered in other places in my life and in my partners life as well. Thanks to Rachel we had a “tool kit” to reach into during labor and delivery. One of Rachel’s tools is her soothing audio program ..which actually is not just for pregnancy and child birth but also for everyday …it is soooo relaxing! Also the abundant amount of resources in her workbook has been so helpful!

Camilla C.
“Thanks to Rachel, I knew I could do it!”

I listened to her audio program constantly, especially on those nights toward the end of the pregnancy when sleep was hard to come by, and it always relaxed me and helped me drift off. I credit her confidence and insight for keeping me (relatively!) calm during my 72 hours of labor and delivery (which, admittedly, ended in a C-section). There wasn’t a point where I felt scared or unsure.

Andrea F.
“I highly recommend her class!”
We are not hypno people so I figured there was a 10% chance it would be too much for us. But what a fantastic day it was! We learned a HUGE amount and found her teaching style and the structure of the class to be incredibly comfortable and productive. Rachel helped my husband and I get on the same page and now we actually feel *excited* about birth rather than skeptical/nervous
Grant B.
“Thank you Rachel!”
I had my TWIN babies naturally. No pain meds. During my 50 hour labor, I was calm, listening to her relaxation audio program on my iPod. I was smiling, calm, walking around, put a little make up on, joked around during my labor. Apparently the staff at UCSF had coined me ‘The Birthing Ninja’. I actually ENJOYED labor. I’m ready to do it again! Now, how many mothers can say that?!
Hannah W.
“I can’t recommend Rachel enough.”
I have also sought Rachel out for personal assistance, utilizing depth hypnosis. The insights I have gained have helped me heal in ways years of traditional psychology haven’t. It’s powerful work, pushing you to realms of deeper understanding of yourself in ways I’ve never experienced before.
Shauna C.