Pregnancy, Birth, & Beyond Audio Relaxation Program

Relax Your Body, Focus Your Mind, Open To your Baby

Guided relaxation, hypnosis, and affirmations that
teach your mind to brith your baby the way nature intended

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Turn your fears, doubts, limiting beliefs, worries, and busy mind into:

Trust & Faith
Relaxation & Confidence
Personal Power

Clear Intuition
Focus & Concentration
Deep Breathing

Pregnancy, Birth, & Beyond

Audio Relaxation Program

Pregnancy, Birth, & Beyond


$60 (25% off)

Get all 3 Sections of the Audio Relaxation Program: Pregnancy & Birth, After Birth, + Going Deep.

Pregnancy & Birth


These are the tracks you’ll need to have a more positive pregnancy, and develop the skills you need to give birth with confidence, relaxation, and receptivity.

After Birth


These tracks will enable you and your partner to have more confidence in your parenting, rest whenever possible, and feel supported in feeding your baby.

Going Deep
for Everyone


Going deep will last you the rest of your life. It will help you sleep, feel grounded, clear your mind, and bring you into the ultimate deep relaxation.

“Rachel Yellin is simply an outstanding teacher who combines both intelligence and intuition in a flawless manner.”

I cannot recommend enough her program on relaxation for pregnancy. Not only will you enjoy her course, you will learn a life skill which will improve your mothering and make your life as a whole better. Thank you, Rachel, for being a warm friend, and for sharing your rich understanding of life with us.

Judith Hanson Lasater, Ph.D., PT
Yoga Teacher

Satisfied Listeners

Rachel’s audios helped me prepare for the birthing process on every level

With her soothing voice, I embraced the pregnancy changes and felt confident that I could relax and maintain a bond with my baby. If you want to feel empowered and tap into your mind-body connection before, listen to Rachel’s program.

Sareena J.C

I was religious about listening to Rachel’s program every night and morning in my last trimester. When it came time for the birth, I actually just pressed the play button in my head and it was all there. My birth team had no idea where I was in my labor until I started pushing.

Barbara P.

The Rachel Yellin mp3s were absolutely essential for this birthing experience! They were the reason the transition and pushing phase were so manageable. I was blown away!

Jenny from Atlanta

surges as gentle hugs around my baby!

I had no idea that I needed this program until I looked down one day and wondered how I was going to get the baby out of my body and feel good about it! Rachel’s audios saved me. I had an 8 hour labor and can honestly say that I felt the surges as gentle hugs around my baby!

Jessica Z.

I often resist taking a break when I’m tired during the day and can’t quiet my mind when I feel like there is stuff I need to be doing. That Ultra Depth Relaxation is the only thing that works to help me feel restored and keep going in my day.

Rebecca Y.

I cannot begin to express my gratitude for the tracks in the postpartum section of the program

My world was collapsing due to exhaustion and troubles with breastfeeding. Rachel’s tracks helped me get the rest I needed, and put positive thoughts in my mind to reassure me that I was actually being a good mother.

Stefanie W

I encourage all of my doula clients to use Rachel’s program. My last client who swore by them during her pregnancy and listened for hours during her birth, said that the affirmations would remind her that she was doing great and that everything was OK. The tracks also reminded ME to slow down and just be in the moment with her. They are such a great tool and make a world of difference.

Ellen K.S

Rachel Yellin has a beautiful voice and a pacing and rhythm that makes it possible for people to go with her.

Suzanne Arms

Birthing the Future


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