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Rachel Yellin, pregnancy and birth educator/counselor

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Meet Rachel YellinRachel Yellin has been a teacher and therapist in San Francisco since 2002. Her teachings span from yoga to childbirth preparation to healthy lifestyle education. She also provides teachings through her audio recordings that support happiness, health, relationships, finances, and career. As the founder of Yes To Birth!, which includes in-person and online classes in childbirth education and birth techniques, a Birthing Resource Guide, and Audio Relaxation Program, Rachel has helped thousands of women and their partners have deeply satisfying birth and postpartum experiences. Rachel also has an expertise in helping people transform old habits, negative patterns, and long-standing limitations in her Depth Hypnosis Therapy practice. She works with adults in the San Francisco Bay Area and online.

Rachel is a sought-after guest speaker at birth-centers, hospitals, health conferences, radio/web shows, pregnancy fairs, and fundraisers.

Possible topics:

  • How to engage a partner in the birth process
  • Spirituality in birth
  • Bring religion into the birth room
  • Communication with care providers during labor
  • State of birth environments in the United States
  • Benefits of Yoga during pregnancy and birth
  • Using Hypnosis to prepare for birth
  • Using Hypnosis to prepare for birth
  • Women and harnessing their power
  • Self-love as it relates to pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum
  • Creating a healthy placenta and baby through nutrition
  • Most common obstacles to low intervention births that can be prevented
  • How to avoid unnecessary interventions

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Interview with Suzanne Arms of Birthing the Future

Rachel Yellin interviews Suzanne Arms, Birth Activist and Author of Immaculate Deception, about how to create healthy children who feel safe in the world If you don't know Suzanne Arms, you need to know her! I caught up with her at her home in Colorado and we have fun...

Interview with Andrea Ferretti of the YogaLand Podcast

So fun! Lately I’ve been on a roll chatting with inspirational bloggers and podcasters, and my interview with the amazing Andrea Ferretti was another awesome experience. Andrea is the host of the YogaLand Podcast. She and her guests share uplifting yoga stories, have...

Interview with Hello Healing

I had a delightful time chatting with Stacey Weinstein of Hello Healing on her video series Meet the Healers. Stacey and I first met in San Francisco when she was pregnant. In the video on your site you can hear us chat about how the birth experience can be approached...

Interview with Doula Classroom

I had such a great time talking with Liz who runs an amazing website The Doula Classroom. The Doula Classroom is a site dedicated to teaching the art and craft of birth doula work. In this interview, I talk about how I came to this work, how the mind-body work...

Interview with Britt Fohrman

Britt Fohrman interviewed by Rachel Yellin, talking about Britt's upcoming Deepening Doula Circle: A Mentorship for Doulas Seeking Balance, Depth and Community. In this video, Britt and Rachel discuss the inspiration and intention for this program, which begins in...


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