Private Birth Classes

By appointment in San Francisco or Live On-Line

Private Birth Classes

By appointment in San Francisco or Skype

Contact Rachel to schedule a 3-hour private class in San Francisco, over the internet, or in your home depending on your location if:

  • You took Rachel’s class with your first pregnancy and want a private refresher class.
  • You are having your first or second baby and not able to take the series or the intensive in San Francisco or Live On-Line.
  • You have special circumstances that require personal attention.
  • You are taking Rachel’s Birth Techniques Intensive course and need the private class to cover those topics that are not covered in my comprehensive series. Topics include: birth plans, procedures and protocols, medications, common interventions, special circumstances, optimal fetal positioning, newborn procedures, self care after the birth, and more.

Class Details

In the private class, we cover:

  • Birth philosophy and benefits
  • The 5 essentials of Birthing
  • The physiology of labor and how the techniques support your body and mind
  • What to do during labor
  • How to provide labor support
  • Self hypnosis, directed breathing and visualization

If you are having your second baby*, the refresher class will also cover:

  • Your first birth experience and what’s in need of clearing or healing so the new baby has a clear path
  • How second births can typically be different from the first
  • Emotional adjustments for parents with second babies
  • VBAC births, if you had a prior cesarean
  • Ways to prepare your first child for the new arrival

*If you had a difficult or traumatic previous birth experience, I highly recommend you schedule a private 2-hour depth hypnosis therapy session before attending a private class with your birth partner.

$375 Private Class

3-Hour Class Includes

If you would like to do a childbirth education AND birth techniques class, you will need to schedule 2 private sessions with Rachel.


Yes to Birth! Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond Audio Relaxation Program

Can’t make the series, intensive or private class? Get the primary practice tool that Rachel offers.