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Unbreaking Birth

Unbreaking Birth

In this 30 minute video, researcher, Ryan McAllister, PhD from Georgetown University, points to some of the ways that birth in hospitals is simply not working. He states clear evidence, statistics, and outcomes, and most importantly, points to what women actually need...

Practice for Birth

As women prepare for birth, they usually spend their time taking classes, reading books, watching videos and talking to other people about birth. While this can be helpful, another important, often neglected piece, is to PRACTICE for birth. With any important event in...

The Way Animals Do It

The Way Animals Do It

It used to be common for kids to find a litter of kittens somewhere, or to have a dog or other pet give birth. Some people grew up on farms and witnessed countless calves, foals and lambs come into the world. It is becoming less and less common to see animals giving...


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